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Unsung Heroes: New Single/Playing Screw City Uprising/Fall Merchandise

With a new EP on the horizon, Unsung Heroes released a new single called Look Up To The Sky. They are stepping into newer musical boundaries with this release. The song is more acoustically inspired, but builds into something more. It was written in 2019 during a rough patch of the band's life. After over two years of putting attention to detail to create the song, it is available for everyone to listen to.

Look Up To The Sky is a song that wonders why we as humans go through traumatic obstacles in life and the purpose they serve to us. We sometimes feel lost with no direction. We wonder why the universe puts us in tough situations, even if we feel we do not deserve it. Time goes by quickly and nobody really knows what is on the other-side once our time is up. This song is about looking up to the greater power above us and asking for answers. The traumatic experiences in our lives can lead us down a dark path of substance abuse and addiction to cope with our pain, however, this song resembles a battle. Almost like going to war, to fight and overcome our unhealthy addictions and past traumas. When we're down and bleeding out metaphorically in our lives, all we can do is ask for help and have faith that we will make it through our circumstances.

Listen now:

Unsung Heroes will be performing live tomorrow (Saturday, September 25th) at Davis Park for Screw City Uprising. To see the band's set, fans should plan to arrive at 4:30 PM. Screw City Uprising is an all age event to bring awareness towards mental health and substance abuse. To make it even better, it is a free event with live music, art, skateboarding, vendors, and community resources.

T-shirts, hoodies, a long sleeve, and a crewneck are all available to order on the band's website. With the fall season upon us, there are some options to keep you warm!

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