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Unsung Heroes 3rd Year Performing Rock2Stop22's Rock Festival

Gather up your coolers, camping gear, and swim suits. This Saturday night (August 14th) Unsung Heroes will be performing live for their third year in a row at Rock2Stop22's 2021 Rock Music Festival at Sweet Minihaha Campground in Brodhead, WI. The band will be hitting the stage at 7:00 PM.

This 90's-2000's rock inspired three-piece band has come a long way for making their debut as Unsung Heroes in 2018. The band has played a variety shows in Wisconsin and Illinois such as Stroll on State, Beattie Is Arts Festival, Rockford International Festival, The Back Bar, Whiskey's Roadhouse, The Club Tavern, Stockyard Rock Burger Bar, Rock Valley College, UW-Platteville's Spring Concert, Pecatonica Block Party, and more. With over 8,000 Apple Music Streams, 28,000 Spotify Streams, and 77,000 YouTube views, the band has been picking up traction around the U.S. and other countries around the world like Canada, France, Australia, Russia, Germany, United Kingdom, and more. The band includes Bret Bunch, 22, (guitar/lead vocals), Connor McKinney, 23, (bass/vocals), and Zavier Phippen, 22, (drums). Their cover of "Save Your Tears" by The Weeknd just hit over 60,000 views on YouTube and the band has been gaining a steady number of YouTube subscribers.

Rock2Stop22 is a charity organization dedicated to ending veteran suicide. They work with veterans in Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois who are dealing with Mental Health issues. Their mission is to normalize the idea that it's okay to talk about the way you are feeling mentally.

The festival is being held at Sweet Minihaha Campground in Brodhead WI. August 13th-15th. It is a full weekend of live music, camping, tubing down the Sugar River, bonfires, and much more. There will be bands playing both Friday and Saturday night. Sunday will consist of tubing, but people are welcome to tube on Friday and Saturday.

Additional Musical Acts:

Kenny Tindle, Solar, Dark Sun, Bourbon House, Lines of Loyalty, Andrew David, Saint Tragedy, Monroe, The Almas , & Left of Reason

Rock2Stop22 has been Unsung Heroes' favorite event to play every year due to its purpose and how it brings people together. It's an opportunity for people to be vulnerable if they are struggling mentally, but also, to let loose and have fun. The atmosphere and energy at the festival is uplifting and unifying. It's an event where people can show their gratitude and support to veterans that served for the United States of America.

Unsung Heroes performing at Rock2Stop22's 2020 Music Festival

Unsung Heroes' latest release was their single "Better Things" which will be off of their next EP called Spirit. After performing at Rock2Stop22's festival, they will be performing at the Apollo Theatre in Belvidere, IL August 18th with Supavoid, Kaleido, and OTHERWISE.

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