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Behind "The Otherside" music video by Unsung Heroes

The Unsung Heroes have been dedicating a lot of time and focus these past few years towards their music. With streaming numbers going up, the band has picked up a lot of traction from self producing their own music and videos, performing shows, and more. Bret Bunch (lead vocalist & guitarist), Connor McKinney (bassist & backing vocalist), and Zavier Phippen (drummer) have a lot of new releases planned for 2020.

Their new single "The Otherside" will be available to stream at 12:00 A.M. (central time) Friday, July 31st. There will be a music video dropping for the new song at 3:00 P.M. (central time) on YouTube. The new music video will be a sequel to their last music video for their song "Caving In." You might have to watch or re-watch the "Caving In" music video to connect the dots to "The Otherside."

Watch the "Caving In" music video here:

The "Caving In" music video was about struggling with substance abuse until it led to giving up on life. The video was made raw to keeps things real and relatable so people who do struggle with substance abuse can have something to relate to and know they're never alone. It was intended to be an eye opener to show people that suicide is never the path to take.

Bret Bunch plays the person struggling with depression and substance abuse in the video. Connor McKinney and Zavier Phippen represent alcohol and drugs in the video. They are spirits inside of Bret's mind pushing him to abuse alcohol and drugs. At the end of the video Bret commits suicide and drowns himself after taking drugs and drinking an excessive amount of alcohol.

Once you see music video for "The Otherside" when it comes out, you will understand more about how the two videos connect. "The Otherside" music video will show a back story of how Connor and Zavier died to become spirits in "Caving In." Since Zavier represented drugs and Connor represented alcohol in the "Caving In" video, "The Otherside" will show how Zavier died due to a drug related incident and how Connor died due to alcohol. The new video will show the band being together on the otherside.

The new single "The Otherside" is about letting somebody go without knowing if you will ever see them again. It is also about accepting that fact that you may not ever see this person on the otherside or for the rest of existence.

Watch the teaser for "The Otherside" below:

Be sure to tune in Friday afternoon to see how the story continues and to hear the new single. As mentioned above, the audio for "The Otherside" will be out at 12:00 A.M. and the music video will drop at 3:00 P.M. central time. The new video was filmed by Joseph Schultz of Bunch Productions. Below you can pre-save "The Otherside" on Google Play and iTunes. The song will also be available on YouTube, Spotify, and all other streaming services.

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