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The Unsung Heroes are an alternative rock band from Rockford, IL. Their sound revolves around bands such as blink-182, Green Day, Weezer, Angels and Airwaves, Mayday Parade, and Sum 41. The band consists of Bret Bunch (lead singer, guitarist, recording engineer, mixer, producer), Connor McKinney (bass, backing vocals, virtual effect sounds), and Zavier Phippen (drums & piano). 


The band likes to make music for people to connect with. Most of their songs have spacey chill vibes to them but are coated in punk and alternative.


They love to play shows and travel. Also, their management team is strong and responsive. If you’d like for them to play at a show near you, recommend them to festivals and other live events! They plan to play several shows at festivals, parties, and bars/pubs!

The Unsung Heroes focus on making original music and they also self-produce their music videos. Their creative director, cinematographer, and photographer Joseph Schultz has been working with the band for several years and is currently working on new concepts for photoshoots and music videos for 2019.

They released their debut album Daze & Nightz on July 27th, 2018. The album contains 20 tracks and has gained the attention of people in different cities and countries. The record was all self-produced in their personal home studio in Rockford and took 2 years to record. Streams have been and still are climbing on services like Apple Music and Spotify. Purchase or download Daze & Nightz today and become a fan!


Rockford, Illinois

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